What is Yoga and what types are there?

What is Yoga and what types are there.

What is Yoga? Well the word comes from the Sanskrit root Yug which means Yugo-Union. Is a millenary science coming from India, which offers us scientific-spiritual methods that, when practiced in a constant and adequate way, lead the practitioner to the reestablishment of the state of Unity of the being with the Great Omnipresent Being, Source of: Serenity, Wisdom, Love, Health, Fraternity and Joy.

Dogmatic principles do not inspire the science of Yoga, since it seeks happiness and the overcoming of suffering at the personal, social and ecological levels, without excluding from its practices any person for reasons of religious, cultural, philosophical, social, political or economic nature.

Therefore, the UN on June 11, 2014 proclaimed June 21 as the International Day of Yoga, in recognition of its universality and the benefits it brings to planetary life.

Types of Yoga

There are several types, the main ones being:

  • Raja Yoga
    This is the King of Yogas, since it combines the three highest paths of Yoga mentioned above.
  • Guiana Yoga
    Seeks the reestablishment of Unity through the awakening of the intuitive wisdom of the being, to discern between delusion and Truth in all circumstances of life.
  • Karma Yoga
    Karma means action, so Karma Yoga is the path of Union through right and selfless action, whose motive is unconditional love for the Great Spirit that is present in all.
  • Bhakti Yoga
    It establishes the search for the state of Unity by prioritizing the practice of love for the Great Self that is found in the depths of all beings.


Raja Yoga

Its objective is the realization and definitive liberation of the being, systematically cultivating the inner and outer nature, through the fulfillment of eight fundamental steps outlined by the greatest systematizer , Master Patanjali, who called this path Ashtanga Yoga or Path of the eight steps, which will lead the practitioner to the state of serenity and energetic harmony in the physical, mental and spiritual aspect, so that he can fulfill his mission being fruitful light in the various areas of life and in the preservation of Mother Earth.


The patient and persevering practice of the spiritual science of Raja Yoga brings the following benefits to the practitioner:

  • To achieve Lucidity in his consciousness, to be able to discover within himself the potentialities of the Consciousness and the Cosmic Energy that sleeps within him, waiting to be awakened to recreate and recreate the reality in which he lives.
  • Serenity in your body, mind and soul, to “live actively serene and serenely active”, as was the motto of Master Paramahansa Yogananda.
  • Physical, mental and spiritual health, to carry out his journey in this Plantea with greater joy, fulfilling his mission effectively in the environment in which he finds himself, bringing life and abundant life to all, without fear of any circumstance of life.



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