What I Eat in a Week as a Nutritionist

What I Eat in a Week as a Nutritionist | healthy, plant-based and easy

  • The nutritionist starts her week with a standard breakfast of oatmeal, banana, and green tea. Lunches feature chickpea balls and a variety of veggies, with quinoa and half an avocado for healthy fats.
  • Throughout the week, she snacks on treats like frozen mango and homemade chickpea chocolate balls. She’s a self-proclaimed chocolate addict, so a square of dark chocolate often makes an appearance.
  • Dinner revolves around batch cooking, with a focus on roasted vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and green beans, all seasoned with herbs and avocado oil. These dinners are easily repurposed for the next day’s lunch.
  • She occasionally switches it up with meals like baked oats, smoothie bowls, and dining out for falafel plates. Her meals are high in protein, thanks to ingredients like hemp protein powder and various beans.
  • Overall, her meals are plant-based and incorporate a variety of flavors and textures. She enjoys using seasonings like salt, curry powder, and nutritional yeast, and is a fan of versatile ingredients like avocado and hummus.

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