Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables You Must Eat

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Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables You Must Eat

Whew! That was a mouthful, but here’s the lowdown in bullet points:

  • Garlic kicks off the list at number 10, boasting a range of sulfur compounds like allicin and cysteine. These compounds are good for the immune system and detoxification. But watch out, it might make you smell and isn’t best pals with everyone’s digestive system.
  • Onions are like garlic’s cousin; they’re also rich in sulfur compounds and good for detox. However, they’re a bit high in carbs and might irritate people with certain gut issues, like SIBO.
  • Veggies like brussels sprouts and cauliflower get a nod for being liver-friendly and nutrient-rich, especially part of the “clean 15” list, which means they have fewer pesticides. But beware of the marketing tricks, like cauliflower crust pizza that’s not really as healthy as it seems.
  • Broccoli and bell peppers snag top spots for being super nutrient-dense and easy to incorporate into meals. But let’s not get carried away by claims that they treat diseases; they support the body, plain and simple.
  • The video also gave honorable mentions to other veggies like mushrooms and green beans and raised a red flag on GMOs in eggplant and zucchini.
  • So, lots of good stuff to chew on here, both literally and figuratively!

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