Seventeen cardio exercises to improve our physical shape

Seventeen cardio exercises to improve our physical shape

Seventeen cardio exercises.

Perform these seventeen cardio exercises to improve your physical shape. We thought that we could only improve our cardiovascular level by doing aerobic or resistance exercises and training, such as: cycling, running, swimming or rowing. To practice all these sports it is necessary to have and spend a lot of hours that we normally do not have, something that serves as an excuse not to tune up our heart and improve our cardiovascular capacity.

Looking apparently strong or muscular, without fat accumulation, is not really being in shape if you are not able to maintain a high heart rate and perform a sport practice in oxygen deficit for at least fifteen or twenty minutes. Determining our real level of fitness is through our greater or lesser capacity to keep the heart working at high rhythms for a more or less prolonged period of time.


Seventeen cardio exercises to improve our physical shape.


It is essential to warm up properly to avoid injury and to increase efficiency. Perform the exercises without resting between them, as best you can. You will improve with each session. Practice this plan 3 times a week.

1. Skipping

In place, without moving, lift your knees alternately, imitating the running motion, accompanying the lifting of each knee with the opposite arm. Perform a minimum of 8 repetitions with each knee and up to 15 as you progress.

2. Back Skipping

This is the antagonistic and complementary exercise to the previous one. In place, without moving, imitate the gesture of running by touching the buttocks with the heel. Accompany the movement with your arms, as if you were running. Perform 10 to 15 repetitions with each leg.

3. Climbing stairs

This is one of the best exercises to raise your heart rate. Climb them two at a time for three minutes. Go up one flight of stairs and then back down again, without interruption, until you have completed the time indicated.

4. Cross lunges

A traditional warm-up exercise. Perform continuous jumps on the spot, without moving, touching your palms above your head and returning your arms to your sides. Do a minimum of 50 jumps.

5. The climber

No, it’s not about climbing mountains, it’s much easier. Lying in the position to perform bottoms, alternately move each knee to the height of your chest. Perform the movement at least 8 times with each knee.

Seventeen cardio exercises to improve our physical shape

6. Knees to chest

Standing with your legs slightly bent, jump with your feet together trying to lift and touch your knees to your chest. Perform 10 jumps in a row, without a break in between.

7. Frog jump

This is the traditional jump with feet together. While standing, try to perform 8 jumps in a row with feet together, trying to propel yourself as far forward as possible in each one and performing all of them without rest. When you land from one jump, give yourself momentum for the next and so on until you complete the series.

8. Burpee

This is one of the most demanding exercises, but one of the most effective. From a standing position, squat down into a squat position, jump and straighten your legs to end up in the bottom position. Jump back to the squat position and then jump back to standing. Perform 8 repetitions of the exercise.

Seventeen cardio exercises

9. Jumping bottoms

These are the typical dips, but with a more demanding level. From the bottom position, give yourself enough momentum to get your hands off the ground when you raise yourself up. Perform 8 repetitions.

10. Vertical jump

Stand next to a wall. Jump continuously, trying to touch the hand closest to the wall as high as possible. Perform 10 jumps.

Seventeen cardio exercises

11. Jumping squats

This exercise is a little more demanding than traditional squats. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, squat down as if you were going to sit on a chair, until your legs are at an angle of less than 90º and jump to propel yourself back to the upright position. Perform 10 repetitions.

12. Jumps to a bench

Stand in front of a bench that is at least knee-high. Jump with your feet together to get up to the base of the bench. Then lower yourself to the floor and repeat the exercise. Perform 10 repetitions.


13. Bench Skipping

Similar to the previous exercise, but this time you must bench each leg alternately. First one leg and while lowering it to the ground again, raise and pose the other leg on the bench. Perform at least 15 repetitions with each leg.

14. Skater’s Step

Standing with knees slightly bent and feet slightly wider than shoulders, move from a sideways jump to land on the foot on the side you are jumping and return to the other side with another similar jump, this time landing on the opposite foot. Perform 20 jumps on each side.

Seventeen cardio exercises 

15. Splits

Standing with one foot forward and one foot back, jump to switch the back leg forward and the front leg back. Perform 8 jumps with each leg.

16. Boxing

Standing with one foot more forward than the other, and in a boxing guard position (foot and arm forward must match) start throwing ‘jabs’ alternately with each arm, always keeping the shoulders elevated so that the fists are always at eye level. Perform 25 direct throws with each arm.

17. Crunches

You can also boost your heart rate by performing crunches. Lying on your back with your body extended and your feet flat on the floor, raise your trunk and stand up. Return to sitting on the floor and lie down fully. Perform the movement for at least 8 repetitions.


Seventeen cardio exercises to improve our physical shape

Seventeen cardio exercises

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