How harmful can ultra-processed foods be for us? – BBC News

How harmful can ultra-processed foods be for us? – BBC News

  • Twins Amy and Nancy took part in a two-week dietary test led by experts from King’s College London to examine the health effects of unprocessed vs. ultra-processed foods. Their diets were matched for calories, nutrients, and fiber, among other things.
  • The study revealed some startling truths. Amy, who was on the ultra-processed diet, experienced worsening blood fat levels, increased markers for heart disease, and even gained weight. Nancy, eating unprocessed foods, had far better results.
  • Emulsifiers, commonly found in ultra-processed foods, are under scrutiny. Dr. Matil TVA’s study of 174,000 people linked these additives to increased risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The findings are yet to be peer-reviewed but raise some red flags.
  • The Food Standards Agency in the UK rigorously assesses all food additives for safety. However, the agency is about to launch a public consultation on some emulsifiers, indicating growing concerns.
  • The study raises a harsh spotlight on the future health implications of diets high in ultra-processed foods, referring to it as a “future time bomb” for issues like obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases, especially among children.

So, the lowdown is that we might be playing with fire when it comes to our love affair with convenient, ultra-processed foods. It’s like having a ticking time bomb on our dinner plates.

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