HEALTHY LIVING-a Revolutionary Documentary About the Unknown Facts About Health

HEALTHY LIVING (a Revolutionary Documentary About the Unknown Facts About Health) Must watch movie

  • The documentary emphasizes that physical health should not be taken for granted and is fundamental to our well-being. It argues that while many people focus on fitness, true health is about all bodily systems functioning optimally.
  • Health starts at the cellular level, and cells require a balanced environment to function well. Any imbalance, particularly acidic conditions, disrupts the cell’s ability to produce energy, eventually leading to diseases.
  • The film critiques the conventional medical approach of treating symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of health problems, which often lies in an unhealthy lifestyle. The state of our blood is a barometer for overall health, closely tied to the body’s internal environment.
  • It presents a holistic view of health by discussing the importance of eliminating waste through various bodily functions and promoting deep diaphragmatic breathing as a method for detoxification. In short, what we put into our bodies must be easily assimilated or eliminated.
  • The key takeaway is that modern medicine is beginning to acknowledge that many diseases are lifestyle-related. The film advocates for a proactive approach to health through a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management, claiming these are more impactful than future advancements in medical science.

Boy, oh boy, that was a mouthful, but hey, sometimes we need a reality check to shake up our world, right?

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