Healthy Lifestyle Trends to Try

Healthy Lifestyle Trends to Try.

Sure thing! Here’s a quick rundown of the chat between Jordan and Registered Nurse Linda Champa about the latest healthy lifestyle trends:

  1. Heart Health Spotlight: February is Heart Health Month, and there’s a focus on maintaining a heart-healthy diet, physical activity, controlling blood pressure, and cholesterol. Eating oats is a tasty way to reduce cholesterol, with numerous oat varieties to choose from.
  2. Delicious Baking with Oats: Linda and Jordan discussed how oats can be used as a substitute for flour in recipes, like making gluten-free black bean brownies, providing healthier options for those with dietary restrictions.
  3. Gut Health and Routine Medical Care: Gut health is a big trend, with emphasis on fermented and fiber-rich foods, probiotics, and stress reduction. Linda also emphasized the importance of getting back on track with routine medical check-ups, highlighting products that cater to personal needs like absorbent underwear from Because Market.
  4. Mental Health – A Glimpse into the Future: The ongoing pandemic has affected mental health, creating stress and anxiety. The focus on mental health care, including support for children, promotes positive thinking, community connections, and professional assistance.
  5. Resources and Contact Information: For those interested in exploring more, resources are available at for oats and for absorbent underwear products. Linda’s insights provided encouragement for a healthier.


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