The cost of shipping is an additional $6 USD to the total amount you pay for any of our products. This applies to any city within the United States.

After we have confirmed your payment, it will take 24-72 hours for your order to arrive at your address.
This applies only within the United States.

After placing the order, we simply prepare your order and within 24 to 72 hours we deliver it to your door.


Payment for your order is taken immediately from your bank account. In this way we can guarantee that you receive your order in the agreed time.

Bassicaly it’s in very helpful feature proven, Here you have an option add wishlist your favorate product then can check that product anytime in your account wishlist section.

Please review your order when you receive it. If you discover that your product arrives in poor condition or is the wrong one, return it immediately to the user; otherwise we will not be responsible for it.

We are sorry but once you have confirmed your order and made the payment, we can no longer accept changes or cancellations. For this reason we suggest that before making the payment, you are completely sure about the purchase you are making.

Basically, the developer created this system so that the buyer can check what happens with my orders. Just check the order tracking page.