Dr. Peter Attia: This Is What You Need to Do to Live Longer

Dr. Peter Attia: This Is What You Need to Do to Live Longer

  • Dr. Peter Attia focuses on preventative methods for longevity, distinguishing between lifespan and “health span,” which involves quality of life in terms of cognitive, physical, and emotional aspects.
  • When it comes to exercise, Attia believes it’s the most potent tool for both increasing lifespan and improving health span. High levels of cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle mass can be better predictors of longevity than some chronic diseases.
  • Nutrition-wise, Attia discusses moving away from specific diets like keto, emphasizing instead a balanced approach that involves caloric restriction, dietary restriction, and time restriction. It’s about maintaining an energy balance in the body, not overfeeding it.
  • Sleep isn’t just for the weary; it’s vital for everyone. Poor sleep can contribute to a range of health issues, from metabolic disorders to cognitive decline. Sleep plays an enormous role in overall well-being.
  • Finally, emotional health is as vital as physical health in Attia’s approach to longevity. A strong sense of purpose and robust relationships correlate with increased happiness, and, by extension, a longer, healthier life.

So there you have it—a spoonful of wisdom about living not just a long life, but a life worth living. And hey, who wouldn’t want to hit a home run in the game of life?

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