8 basic exercises to burn fat without leaving home

8 basic exercises to burn fat without leaving home

Here are  8 basic exercises to burn fat without leaving home, one of the main objectives when exercising is to burn fat, and from there, seek to tone the body and strengthen the muscles. That’s why here we share with you a complete exercise routine that will help you eliminate that extra weight.

8 Basic Exercises.


One of the most typical exercises are push-ups or pull-ups. It is a simple and effective activity to combat fat, especially in the abdomen, and help to maintain a good physical shape in general, so they are key in any type of training. Starting lying on the floor face down you will have to lift your body with your arms keeping your body as straight as possible.



Another very complete and simple exercise that will help eliminate fat accumulated in the belly and legs. It consists of, starting standing, down to the ground, supporting the palms of the hands and feet, jumping with the legs back to adopt the plank position, we return to the starting position and with the momentum with which we stand up, we stretch our arms.



In a plank position, we will raise one knee to chest height and stretch it again, and repeat with the other leg. This is a very complete exercise that mimics the movement of a climber and is very effective in eliminating fat, especially in the waist area.



This is another of the most typical exercises, but the one in which most people tend to fail. Paying special attention to get up slowly and in a controlled manner instead of doing it abruptly. Similarly, the torso should be slightly separated from the floor and avoid touching the floor when lowering the head.

8 basic exercises to burn fat without leaving home


This exercise also strengthens the back, buttocks and shoulders. To do this, we must lie on our stomachs and raise our arms and legs so that the only support with the floor is the abdomen. The trick for the exercise is to contract buttocks and shoulders while lifting arms, chest and legs off the floor. After holding the position for a few seconds, rest again with the limbs on the floor.


Sumo squats.

With this exercise we will work legs, buttocks and abdomen, eliminating the most stubborn fat and strengthening the lower body. We will have to separate the legs at a distance greater than shoulder width at an angle of 45 degrees. Then we will do a squat until the legs form an angle of 90 degrees and with the hands at chest height. Finally, we will go up to the middle to go back down.



This exercise helps not only to burn fat, but also to define the abdomen. It consists of lying face up on the floor with your hands behind your head. We will have to lift one leg with the thigh perpendicular to the ground, while bringing the opposite elbow to the knee raised, and after returning to the starting position, we change legs (and elbow).

8 basic exercises to burn fat without leaving home.

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