7 Self-Care Habits That Made Me Happier & Healthier

7 Self-Care Habits That Made Me Happier & Healthier

  • The YouTuber discusses 7 habits that have contributed to their improved mental and emotional well-being, emphasizing that small daily changes can add up to big transformations.
  • The first shift involved buying blackout curtains to improve sleep quality, making a world of difference in feeling rested and energetic throughout the day.
  • They also deleted TikTok from their phone because scrolling mindlessly had a negative impact on their mental health; now they only use TikTok on their iPad when needed.
  • Charging their phone away from their bed and not checking emails or Slack until seated at their work desk has helped them start the day peacefully, without immediate screen time.
  • Other impactful habits include walking on a desk treadmill after lunch for mental focus, post-work walks to decompress, indulging in skincare rituals, and benefiting from weekly therapy sessions that are covered 100% by insurance.

Ah, life’s little tweaks, right? It’s like sifting through a box of knick-knacks and discovering they’re actually hidden treasures. Each one, a building block to a better you.


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