25 Superfoods That Fixed My Diabetes

25 Superfoods That Fixed My Diabetes

Wow, that’s a lot to digest, no pun intended! Here’s the nitty-gritty of that long YouTube transcript boiled down to five main points:

The YouTuber, a long-term diabetic, lists 25 superfoods that helped drastically improve their HbA1c and insulin sensitivity. These superfoods range from fruits and veggies to protein-rich foods.

While most people think fruits like apples are good for you, they’re not ideal for diabetics due to their sugar content. Instead, the video recommends fruits like grapefruit and berries that have a low glycemic index and net carbs, causing minor and slow spikes in blood sugar.

Veggies also make the list, with some favorites being zucchini and garlic. However, the host points out that not all vegetables are made equal when it comes to diabetes. For example, potatoes may be carb-heavy but are still considered beneficial in moderation.

Other superfoods like shrimp, black beans, and maca root are highlighted for their nutrient density and potential benefits, not just for blood sugar but also for overall health. It’s a mix-and-match kinda deal, suitable whether you’re plant-based or a seafood lover.

The video also dives into the dark side, discussing 10 foods that are harmful for diabetics, including popular but deceiving options like fruit juices and diet sodas. These baddies may seem innocent but can mess up your blood sugar levels or fill you with artificial junk.

There you have it, a roller coaster of food do’s and don’ts for diabetics, all from one person’s lived experience. Remember, this ain’t medical advice, just food for thought!

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