20 Foods Low In Carbohydrates You Need To Eat

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20 Foods Low In Carbohydrates You Need To Eat

  • Dr. Becky Gillaspy emphasizes that sugar is addictive and can have a stronghold on your mental and physical health. She speaks from experience, having battled sugar addiction herself.
  • The first step to breaking free is keeping sugar out of the house; out of sight is out of mind. If you live with someone who doesn’t want to cut out sugar, it doesn’t mean you should abandon your goals.
  • To keep hunger at bay and make it easier to avoid sugary snacks, Gillaspy recommends filling up during meals with foods that contain healthy fats, such as meats, cheese, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Healthy fats slow digestion and help control hunger.
  • She also suggests becoming more aware of how sugar negatively affects your mood and focus. Instead of using artificial sweeteners as a crutch, which can keep your sweet tooth alive, it’s better to wean off all added sweeteners gradually.
  • To stay on track, Gillaspy advises setting short-term goals, staying hydrated, and employing strategies like declaring an end to your eating day three hours before bedtime. She also mentions “stoppers” like brushing your teeth or having tea to signal the end of eating, as well as taking a 10-minute “time out” to let cravings pass.
  • So, it’s not just about willpower; it’s a mix of strategies and lifestyle changes that can free you from the sugar trap. Ah, the sweet taste of freedom!

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