12 small healthy habits you should do EVERY DAY

12 small healthy habits you should do EVERY DAY

  • The YouTuber emphasizes the importance of making small, daily habits part of your lifestyle, focusing on 12 key ones. Walking 10K steps a day tops the list, which keeps you active and helps you maintain your weight.
  • Taking vitamins is the second habit, and the YouTuber recommends “Care/of,” a personalized vitamin subscription service. Taking vitamins regularly may not show immediate effects but helps keep nutrient levels balanced.
  • Drinking more water, particularly lukewarm, is habit number three. Carrying a water bottle everywhere ensures better hydration and makes it easier to drink enough water throughout the day.
  • Daily reading is another important habit, with the goal being to read five pages from two different books each day. The YouTuber finds that having a “page goal” is more effective than a time-based goal.
  • The video also dives into other helpful habits like stretching, box breathing for stress, listening to positive music, eating veggies in every meal, limiting screen time, brushing teeth post-dinner, and getting eight hours of sleep. These habits collectively aim for holistic well-being.

Ah, the proverbial spice of life is in the details, isn’t it? These daily habits are like adding little strokes to your life’s canvas, painting a picture of better health and well-being. You don’t need to sprint; it’s a marathon, not a race!

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