10 benefits of yoga

10 Benefits of yoga

10 Benefits of yoga

Great are the benefits of yoga, it is one of the most complete disciplines that exist, exercising body and mind at the same time. If you have not yet started practicing yoga, in this post we tell you all the benefits it can bring you, both physically, emotionally and mentally.

Benefits of yoga

Numerous studies suggest that the continued practice of yoga postures improves our basic physical abilities, strength, stability, speed and prevents injuries.

Therefore, it is advisable to practice it regularly and progressively, adapting to each person and time of life to enjoy its benefits, which we list below.


1. Increases strength, endurance and flexibility.

The different asanas work several muscles at the same time, so yoga not only tones the body, but also increases endurance and improves balance and flexibility, since by practicing it continuously, your muscles and tendons will stretch and over time you will achieve greater elasticity.


2. It boosts concentration.

Another of the benefits of yoga is the increase in the ability to concentrate.

Practicing the different postures or asanas, while maintaining the breath, helps to focus on each movement. On the other hand, improving concentration is also positive for work or study, and to solve problems and achieve a goal while avoiding distractions.


3. Reduces menstrual cramps.

Some of the yoga asanas provide numerous benefits during the days of menstruation. On the one hand, they calm the nervous system, and on the other hand, they strengthen and relax the muscles of the belly.


4. Strengthens the immune system.

Yoga helps reduce cortisol, the stress-related hormone.

Elevated cortisol levels can cause mood swings, weight gain, high blood pressure, sleep problems or changes in the immune system. Therefore, as the practice of yoga has a direct impact on this hormone, it increases our resistance to disease and infection.


5. Helps control and maintain weight.

Eating less than your body needs and exercising is key to losing weight. Yoga helps you achieve this, since, to the surprise of many, yoga is exercise.

In addition, it will stimulate you to control the craving to eat compulsively, so you will eat better and in smaller quantities.

Benefits of yoga

6. Increases self-esteem.

The philosophy of yoga teaches to focus on improving the body, mind and spirit, and this has a direct impact on self-esteem.

A relaxed person with emotional stability is able to generate much more confidence in their daily relationships.


7. You can practice yoga anywhere.

Another advantage of yoga is that you can practice it anywhere, where you are comfortable and calm. For example, many people do yoga in the living room of their home, since it is not necessary to have a specific material or special conditions, beyond having a mat.


8. Increase lung capacity.

Are you breathing incorrectly, through your mouth and puffing out your chest instead of your abdomen? Yoga can help you breathe properly.

From the first day you start practicing yoga, you are taught to breathe properly through specific exercises or pranayamas, which help you to better control your breathing and increase your lung capacity, thanks to the inspiration, exhalation and retention of air from empty or full lungs.

When you breathe deeply, the brain, blood, tissues and mucous membranes are better oxygenated.


9. Reduces stress and facilitates relaxation.

Practicing any sport combats stress, since endorphins are released during its practice. With yoga you achieve a state of relaxation and tranquility that will allow you to free yourself from daily tensions and reduce (and even eliminate) stress.


10. Contributes to better rest.

Yoga helps to disconnect our mind, so it is easier to fall asleep and combat insomnia. In addition, it also increases the quality of it, so when you wake up you will have a higher level of energy.

Now you have discovered some of

Benefits of yoga

we hope you are encouraged to practice it.


Benefits of yoga

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